Vision Technology® helps businesses and other institutions increase productivity and quality with our easy-to-use, high resolution ViewPoint™ inspection systems. Applications include Quality Control Inspection, PCB Inspection, SMT, process assurance, training, group viewing, evidence analysis, medical and many more.

Easy-to-Use Controls, Quality, Durability, Operator Comfort, Open Work Area and Flexibility.
Remote Control with Responsive Soft-Touch Keypad Remote
Foot Pedal Control for Hands-Free Zoom Control
Remote Foot Pedal Control for Toggling Between Camera Image and Your Computers Image
7X – 90X Optical, 91X - 180X Digital

Our ViewPoint Video Magnification System offers extensive features, such as, auto-focus, freeze frame, on-screen magnification display and large, raised, touch controls.

A built-in LED Ring Light array provides clean, even lighting with user adjustable intensity control. The new ViewPoint represents state-of-the-art technology for full featured easy-to-use video inspection systems. In combination with a high end articulating arm, the ViewPoint offers unmatched flexibility and performance for all types of video inspection.

Our ViewPoint provides a premium working distance to easily perform tasks while viewing the magnified image on the display. The ViewPoint is the machine of choice for rework and other hands-on magnification applications. The remote control foot pedals allow an operator to Zoom In and Zoom Out while working on a project even when both hands are occupied holding tools or instruments. The ViewPoint (included) is a High Magnification system for inspection and analysis, training, image capture and image transfer. USB Frame Grabber now included with your order of a complete system.

The ViewPoint offers a 6" working distance from the camera lens to the object being viewed. This is helpful for doing rework or other hands on tasks. Multiple viewers can examine the same image at the same time. High resolution color video display helps reduce eye strain and fatigue. True auto-focus system increases productivity by allowing rapid examination of objects at varying magnifications. Manual focus override provides complete control when examining a three-dimensional object at high magnification.

Auto-Focus - is quick easy, Manual Focus - is available when desired, Distortion Free Glass Coated Optics - Clear images, High Resolution Color Inspection and Standard Color modes, Super Enhanced - Black on White and Reverse White on Black modes, S-Video Port - Allows Viewing on High Resolution Monitor, Second S-Video Port - for Digital Image Capture Freeze Frame - Holds Image on Screen, Stainless Steel Base & Camera Housings - for durability and appearance.